A state of the art Tuscan woodworking atelier

Experience, talent, and a profound understanding of materials are the foundations of the work at Saim, a family-owned woodworking shop that makes customization its strong point.

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In Giuseppe and Francesco Leoncini’s artisan studio, you can breathe in the resinous perfumes of the cypress and enjoy the serene atmosphere that is often at the heart of family-run activities. The carpentry shop, Saim, has been in business for decades in the region of Barberino Tavarnelle, creating interior and exterior fixtures that are carefully designed and custom-built at their factory in Marcialla.


Aesthetics and functionality are the two driving forces of the Leoncini brother’s work: The design of each piece is thought of with its destination in mind to guarantee the fixture’s beauty and the practicality of its use. The planks that they work with are carefully selected by paying great attention to the peculiarities of each type of wood and the absence of imperfections; it often happens that the wood, itself, suggests how it will be integrated within the final project. As is found with the characteristic fixtures made of cypress, a precious and aromatic wood, representing the pinnacle of a house built in harmony with the Tuscan landscape.

Each project starts by establishing a relationship with the client: For Giuseppe and Francesco Leoncini, it is essential to create a long-lasting trust beyond the carpenter’s work. And word of mouth is always the best guarantor of quality.


Saim serramenti
Via 1° Maggio 26, Loc. Marcialla 5002 - Barberino Tavarnelle (FI)

Other than CE-certified windows and doors, at Saim, they also produce objects for the home and interior design. Using materials obtained from previous work: It is a way for them to reduce waste while also putting their creativity and manual skills to the test, creating beautiful objects on display in a small window of the entrance greeting guests as they enter.

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