Journey into contemporary art in Greve in Chianti

The love for the Chianti area unites the works of contemporary art in Greve in Chianti.



ontemporary art enthusiasts can take a journey through Greve in Chianti and explore the works that celebrate the love for the Chianti region. 

Over the years, many Italian and international artists have paid tribute to Greve in Chianti with their creations. This tradition began in 1996 with the "Tuscia Electa" event, promoted by the municipality, and still allows visitors to embark on a real journey through contemporary art in Greve and its surroundings.

The tour begins in Strada in Chianti, at the north roundabout of the Via Chiantigiana, which connects Florence to Greve. It is here that visitors can find "Il Seminatore" (The Sower), a tribute to the peasant tradition, created by Sarah and Giacomo Del Giudice of the historic Del Giudice Art Foundry. Continuing along Via Chiantigiana and entering the town, visitors will see "Sequenza," a bronze and alberese stone installation by Sandro Granucci from 2004.

In Greve, the first stop is Piazzetta Tirinnanzi, where "La Suonatrice" (The Musician), a bronze sculpture by Kurdish artist Fuad Aziz from 2007, stands out.

Just a short distance away in Largo Bino Bini is "Gallo Nero" (Black Rooster), one of Greve's most famous works created in 1997 by Florentine artist Bino Bini

In Piazzetta delle Cantine, visitors will find "La luna e il suo cipresso" (The Moon and its Cypress), by artist Marcello Guasti, while in Piazza Matteotti, the bronze "Torso alato" (Winged Torso) by Igor Mitoraj stands in front of the Town Hall.

A small open-air exhibition is also on display in Piazza Antonio Vassallo, where visitors can admire three installations: "Stollo" by Mauro Staccioli, created in 1997, the fifteen cubes of "Fonts" by Valentino Moradei Gabbrielli from 2019, and finally, "Il Ciclista" (The Cyclist) by Rinaldo Lombardo, inaugurated on the occasion of the 2016 Giro d'Italia. 

Inside the municipal library overlooking the square is the work "Maternità" (Maternity) by Antonella Ciapetti.

On the panoramic terrace of the Museum of S. Francesco, visitors can see "La Madonna della Rosal" fresco by Giampaolo Talani and the column in galestro with the black roosters of "Suggestioni chiantigiane" by Alberto Cavallini. 

"A journey to discover the works of art present throughout the Municipality of Greve in Chianti"

A short distance away, at the roundabout between Via Battisti and Via Libri, Heinrich Nicolaus's large jar of "Testa-piedi" (Head-Feet) stands in front of the Boito Theater, while in Piazza Don Reggioli, "L'incontro" (The Encounter) by Valentino Moradei Gabbrielli closes the tour in the town.

Greve is also the starting point of "Slow Road," a splendid 8 km loop itinerary that touches Montefioralle, the Pieve of San Cresci, and the Museum of San Francesco. Along the way, visitors can admire installations by Alfredo Futuro, Arturo Badii, Franco Bozzi, and Alfredo Correani, as well as works created in the Chianti kilns.

La suonatrice

The last stop on the journey to discover contemporary art in Greve takes visitors to Panzano

In Piazza Bucciarelli, you can find "Medaglione" by Sarah and Giacomo Del Giudice, a bronze sculpture from 2007 that marks the exact point of the distance between Siena and Florence, once rivals, now united by a seal of peace.

Inside the Molino di Grace company, there is the suggestive "San Francesco of the vine": a work by Sandro Granucci, the figure of Saint Francis stands out among the rows of vines on a pedestal made with the dry stones of the ancient terraces.

Contemporary art in Greve in Chianti is constantly growing, thanks also to initiatives such as Chiantissimo, a project for distributed contemporary art created in collaboration with other municipalities in the Chianti region and the Chianti Classico Consortium.

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