Sensory experiences by Gallo Nero: Casa Chianti Classico

Are you looking for an exciting experience into history and secrets of Chianti Classico? Try sensory journey to the Casa Chianti Classico 



he Casa Chianti Classico is located in Radda in Chianti, in the heart of Tuscany, housed in the wonderful 18th-century convent of Santa Maria al Prato.

These rooms, perfectly restored by the Foundation for the Protection of Chianti Classico Territory, offer exclusive opportunities to learn about the world of wine and the culture of Chianti.

The "Al Convento" bistro, in the charming cloister and the ancient refectory with kitchen, the splendid panoramic terrace overlooking the hills of Radda, the exclusive Gallo Nero wine shop, the most fully supplied on the production of Chianti Classico, and the sensory path dedicated to the wine and the history of this denomination are all housed here.

"An exciting experience to discover history and secrets of Chianti Classico wine" 

On the second floor of the ancient monastery, the sensory itinerary develops between installations and interactive themed rooms where it is possible to discover the distinctive properties of Chianti Classico, also thanks to the use of colours, perfumes and taste.

The visit includes a video room with projections narrating the Chianti Classico territory, the legend of the Gallo Nero and depicting the three hundred years of the Chianti appellation history.


Thanks to information panels and olfactory experiences, the itinerary continues till the Chianti Classico PDO extra virgin olive oil room, with details on the product and analysis of the perfumes and defects of the oil.

The 30-minute tour can be done on your own and can be also integrated with other guided experiences that include tastings of Chianti Classico and local products.

An eno-cultural place to experience the Gallo Nero in a magical atmosphere. A must for Chianti Classico lovers.

Discover Chianti,
naturally unique!

In the centre of the story between Florence and Siena, the countryside and the small towns of Chianti are rich with appeal and corners to discover.

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