How to reach Us

Thanks to a modern and efficient network of connections, destinations in Tuscany are easily reachable from any location.


There are three highways that connect Tuscany to the rest of Italy and Europe. The A1 Milan-Naples highway connects the north and south of Italy and is the easiest route for those arriving from countries in central and northern Europe. The A12 Genoa-Livorno highway follows the Tyrrhenian coast and becomes a superstrada to reach Rome, and is the most direct connection with France through Liguria. The A1 and A12 are connected to the A11 Florence Mare highway and the Florence-Pisa-Livorno superstrada, which allow you to reach many other Tuscan cities.

Tuscany is crossed by the main Italian railway line connecting Naples and Rome with Bologna, Milan, and Northern Europe. A second line also allows you to reach the Tuscan coast from Turin, Genoa, Rome, and Naples.


There are two airports in Tuscany that connect the region with the rest of the world: the Galileo Galilei in Pisa, connected to the main Italian, European, and international airports; and the Amerigo Vespucci in Florence, connected with both Italian and European airports. There are also small airports in Grosseto, Versilia, and the Island of Elba.

Getting Around

There are various options to get around within the region, to be chosen according to one's tastes and needs. To stay up-to-date in real-time on the situation of regional mobility, you can rely on the Facebook and Twitter channels of "Muoversi in Toscana" (Moving in Tuscany).


Regional trains cover most destinations, and those that cannot be reached by rail are still served by buses, which almost always depart from near the train stations. Even to move within the cities, public transport is the best solution, as it reaches the attractions that are often located in limited traffic zones.

Check the websites of companies that provide railway and bus transport services to learn about all routes and schedules:

The traveler who prefers to travel by car can take advantage of rental car services available in all major cities and airports. Those who want to be environmentally friendly and move around comfortably should know that in Tuscany, there are several cities where you can use a car-sharing service with electric cars. The advantage offered by some of these companies is the ability to enter limited traffic zones (ZTL) and park for free in certain areas. People with disabilities who have appropriate documentation can freely access ZTLs, which are very common in Tuscany, especially in historic centers.


If you want to use a taxi to get around, you should be aware that in Tuscany, as in the rest of Italy, you can only get on the vehicle in designated areas or after making a call. Taxis, which must always be white, cannot stop on the street.


For an environmentally friendly way to get around and to have the opportunity to fully appreciate the journey, a bicycle is also a great alternative. From the need to use more suitable vehicles on uphill or countryside roads, to comfortable e-bikes useful in cities, where bike-sharing opportunities are frequent. To learn about the regulations for transporting your bike on public transport, please consult the official websites of  Trenitalia and Gest-tramvia.

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