San Donato in Poggio

An ancient medieval village among the hills of Chianti considered one of the most beautiful in Italy



A small medieval gem, nestled among hills covered with endless rows of vines: the village of San Donato in Poggio is located in the municipality of Barberino Tavarnelle and is considered one of the most beautiful villages in Italy.

Thanks to its mighty defensive walls, built in the 12th century, and the watchtower, it still retains the charm of a bygone era.

"A village among the most beautiful in Italy in which the charm of a glorious past is still alive"

This small locality played an important role in the conflict between Florence and Siena.

Here, two very important peace treaties were signed between the Republics of Florence and Siena, in 1176 and 1265, just a few years before the famous battle of Montaperti, which saw the defeat of the Florentine Guelphs.

The influence of the two cities is still evident today in the two main gates of the village: the Porta Fiorentina, to the north, and the Porta Senese, to the south.

Walking through the streets of San Donato in Poggio today, it is possible to admire the imposing Palazzo Malaspina, located in the main square, which hosts important exhibitions and cultural activities.

Next to it stands the Gothic church of Santa Maria della Neve.

In the center of the square is also the octagonal well, which in the past played a fundamental role in the water supply of the city.

Instead, the Romanesque-Tuscan Pieve di San Donato is home to the terracotta baptismal font with the enamels of Giovanni della Robbia, dating back to 1513.


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