Florence Art: the elegant furnishings of the Florentine tradition

Master engravers bring to life romantic flourishes and floral motifs through their traditional handcraft in classical and nobiliar furnishings.

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Florence Art, the traditional engraving and furniture workshop proudly owned by Cosimo and Riccardo Marini, creates classical furnishings, embellished with the traditional wide flourishes and elegant floral decorations of the Florentine tradition. The workshop in Barberino Tavernelle produces furnishings that evoke the splendor of nobility and tradition, directly in the heart of Chianti, destined to shine in residences and trade shows all over the world.


The essence of the handicraft of this traditional business lies in the art of carving and finishing each piece of furniture.

The precious decorations are a product of the specific art of the master carvers. This traditional handcraft has been carried across the centuries, with its extreme precision, workmanship and creativity: many years of practice are necessary to master this craft. The world-renowned unique finishings, in colour or gold and silver, or in “guazzo” style gold and silver, complete these distinctive pieces of furniture.

The final result, which is showcased by Florence Art in catalogues and show rooms, is a collection of furnishings, each unique, which exalt the soft silhouettes of the traditional aesthetic while retaining modern functionality: the “Stile Fiorentino” is known across the globe.


Florence Art
Via delle Fonti, 70 – 50028 Barberino Tavarnelle (FI)

As well as furnishing in the classic florentine style, Florence Art specializes in interior design: planning and creating entire environments destined for residences with a historical flair, luxury hotels and romantic villas, bringing a unique breath of tuscan nobility.

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