Needle, thread, and color: The art of Ricami di Lucia

Accouterments and linens for the home are transformed into precious works of art in the hands of Lucia Pucci, an expert embroiderer who carries on an ancient tradition.

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A wall full of colorful spools is the background that welcomes the work of Lucia Pucci, the tireless embroiderer who, with the fiery passion inherited from her mother, spends long hours weaving colored threads onto fabrics of every kind. Her company, Ricami di Lucia, is a quaint workshop flooding with ideas, textiles, and love.


Lucia Pucci works on commission or following the moment’s inspiration, creating household bedding and layettes for babies, cushions, and furnishing items. She embroiders by hand or using the embroidery machine (which for this profession is like a pen for a writer) and weaves onto a wide variety of fabrics such as silk, cotton, linen, lace, or jute.

The secret to her creations lies in the wise and courageous use of colors sewn together until the design comes to life. Testifying to her mastery is the piece that makes her the proudest, a tablecloth of great sentimental value, on which can be found as many as 90 different colored threads on a single design.


I Ricami di Lucia
Via Torricelle 22, Loc. Sambuca V.P, Barberino Tavarnelle (FI)

I Ricami di Lucia is an artisan shop keeping the sewing tradition alive, with roots spreading deep through Chianti and the surrounding areas that provide a continuous fountain of inspiration for Lucia Pucci.

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