Colleregio, the ancient art of leatherworking

Purses of aged leather, colored fabrics, and customizable belts: The traditional art of Florentine leather making flourishes in Francesco Bojola’s atelier.

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Ornamental leather and hide work is an artisanal craft with deep roots in Tuscany, linked to tradition, quality, and the pride of master leather craftsmen. In the historical center of Barberino, Francesco Bojola keeps this art form alive thanks to his store and a legacy of true craftsmanship.


Coming from a historical florentine family of leather manufacturers, Francesco Bojola has made personalization the distinctive feature of his works. The high-quality materials such as vegetable-tanned leather or the renowned “Vachetta” are reminders of the traditional Tuscan craftsmanship. In contrast, the precious and extravagant materials (of which some come directly from the studios of Cinecittà) used for decorating the purses give space to innovation and imagination. And to ensure uniqueness, fixings and buckles of every kind are displayed, ready to be chosen by the customers for their belts and bracelets.


Colleregio Firenze – Leather Atelier by Francesco Bojola
Via Francesco da Barberino 37/39, Barberino Tavarnelle (FI)

The store is a true atelier where the work station is an integrated part of the showroom. It is in this same space that each piece is drawn up, created, and refined.

The large display windows that look out onto the main street are opened in the summer and invite curious passersby to stop and observe precious moments of the artisanal process, all while surrounded by the cobblestone streets of a typical Chianti village.

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