Roberto Salvianti’s lutherie: where sound is born.

Creating a musical instrument is an art that luthier Roberto Salvianti carries out in his small international workshop.

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Noble wooden material transformed into a sonorous object: this is how Roberto Salvianti, a luthier specialising in double basses and cellos, defines his activity in a few words. However, there is much more behind the creation of the precious musical instruments that come out of his workshop located in the historic centre of Tavarnelle Val di Pesa.

His craftsmanship as a carpenter and his studies at the music conservatory have made Roberto Salvianti an internationally renowned master luthier. His instruments have been played in theatres all over the world, from Florence all the way to New York.

He dedicates himself to each phase of the creation of every musical instrument: from the initial conception to the design, from the selection of the wooden materials, up to the realisation of every single detail. His philosophy is of a true craftsman thus he believes the less machinery used the better: each piece is created and finished by hand. Each piece is carefully listened to in order to understand how it will sound and each piece is assembled with precision and delicacy. The end result is always a mystery and a revelation.

The first note which comes out of a finished instrument creates an intense and profound emotion because something that resonates with life has been created from inert matter.


Roberto Salvianti Liutaio
Viale 1 Maggio, 59 - 50028 Tavarnelle Val di Pesa (FI)

Roberto Salvianti's instruments are sold all over the world. An internal label in each instrument certifies the hand and signature of the master luthier, in accordance with an ancient tradition of the trade. His double basses and cellos also bear an additional label that attests the transformation from a tree to an instrument and includes a short poem dating back to the Renaissance that Roberto Salvanti has saved from oblivion.

His workshop is a window on the world of Italian violin making, a globally recognised sector of excellence that has a small but significant production centre in Tavarnelle.

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