Shimmering and precious: the silver creations of the Bussotti family

L’Argento Firenze is an artisan workshop where passion and technique are handed down from father to daughter, creators of truly precious objects.

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A precious material deserves precious craftsmanship, guided by the soul. That is the philosophy that creates the foundation of the L’Argento Firenze studio, owned by Paolo Bussotti and his daughter Caterina. Both expert artisans have based their work on passion, fantasy, and a relationship of trust with their clients.

Starting with unworked silver, Paolo and Caterina Bussotti create beautiful bowls, frames, and objects for the home with a luxurious flavor of another era. They also make jewelry and bijou, characterized by their youthful, modern, and light lines, and customizable according to the clients’ requests. There are no sketches or drawings in the workshop: Each piece is realized directly from an idea, following instinct and a deep understanding of the material, under the careful guidance of Paolo Bussotti, the wise mind behind the company, who learned the secrets of silver in the neighborhoods and the small artisan shops of Florence. It is thanks to his work that L’Argento Firenze exudes a sense of soul, and every piece of art gives off  “warmth” despite the metal material of which it is made.


L’Argento Firenze
Via Signorelli, 11/1 – 50028 Loc. Sambuca Val di Pesa, Barberino Tavarnelle (FI)

Paolo and Caterina Bussotti also organize workshops that are open to visitors and tourists. And through the processing of the silver, it reveals small glimpses of its mysteries: Thus, participants have the opportunity to immerse themselves in an authentic artisanal reality and get to bring home the fruits of their labor.      

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