Le Sete di Paola: A kingdom of color

Between the stones of the historic city center and the Chianti countryside, the silk studio adorns delicate fabrics recounting distant places.

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Paola Giuntini’s shop, in the historic center of Barberino in Val d’Elsa, is an ode to creativity and talent. Immediately suggesting what one will find in the shop is the sign bearing the name Le Sete di Paola. The boutique, housed in an ancient fourteenth-century monastery, immerses visitors upon entering, in a colorful and cheerful world, resulting from the work of the exuberant owner.


The dresses and scarves are hand-painted in the small workshop in the back, an intimate space overlooking the valley and Chianti: It is here that every piece of white silk is transformed into a wearable painting. Paola Giuntini’s inspiration comes from her extended stay in Africa. As well as countless trips, in which she learned all kinds of techniques that she applies, mixing colors and materials on the pure “canvas” that is silk.


Le Sete di Paola
Via Francesco da Barberino 21, Barberino Val D'Elsa (FI), 50021

The colors that she uses are water-based, free of any chemicals. Among her favorite techniques is that of eco-printing. Materials such as flowers, leaves, and berries are used to create incredible nature-themed decorations. Each final work is always unique, and Paola Giuntini’s overflowing imagination ensures that no two similar pieces exist in her store.

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