From the nineteen-hundreds to today, Francesco Pistelli’s shoe shop

Tradition and modernity mix in Francesco Pistelli’s artisan workshop, where custom shoes and handmade accessories come to life.

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Francesco Pistelli’s shoe shop and his passion for craftsmanship are family inheritances, originating from the beginning of the 20th century, passed down for four generations. The workshop has an intimate ambiance where hand-made sandals and artisanal purses make a beautiful display of themselves, together with the trim work table for sewing and repairs. And an old photo from the early 1900s, situated above the counter, is a testimony to the longevity of their craft.

In his studio, divided between the back of the shop and the small basement, Francesco Pistelli creates women's sandals, purses, and belts, using traditional Tuscan materials such as leather and “Vacchetta.” The sandals, formed first and then tailored and personalized, are guaranteed to provide maximum comfort and the best fit. Besides working on original products, the cobbler puts his skills to work, bringing new life to shoes by repairing and resoling.


Francesco Pistelli Calzolaio
Via Roma 208 - 50028 Tavarnelle Val di Pesa (FI)

Located since the beginning, on the main street in the historical center of Tavranelle, Francesco Pistelli’s shop recounts the history of a family and a shared passion that is carried on with great care and attention to the materials and details (perfectly integrating tradition and modernity). Making it a timeless point of reference for the local customers.

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