The beauty of Tuscany in Antonella Pestelli's cushions

Perfect for home or for fashion, “I Preziosi”’s handmade cushions are created with the utmost care and attention to detail and are a perfect example of traditional Tuscan taste.

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Whether they are intended to embellish an ambient or to be used as support or to relax, Antonella Pestelli's cushions are handcrafted creations that reflect typical Tuscan taste and seek elegance in every small detail. Her company “I Preziosi” (the precious ones) owes its name to a refined and sophisticated collection of cushions, runners and patchwork table covers with gold inserts and trimmings, a true testament to her taste and expertise.


Antonella is extremely careful and precise, she checks each cushion personally and offers only her best products. She chooses feathers, polyester, spelt chaff and millet to fill her cushions, but her expertise truly shines in the choice of fabrics to use. She has various collections that range from classic styles to original prints depicting Florence's historic buildings and in all her work there is a continuous alternation between tradition and innovation. Her vast experience and unexceptionable expertise have brought her to collaborate with important and world renowned designers, including a twenty-year collaboration with the fashion house Emilio Pucci, making cushions that adorn fashion shows and events all around the world as well as, more simply, living rooms of homes everywhere.


I Preziosi
Piazza Ugo Capocchini 13 – 50021 Barberino Val d'Elsa (FI)

In her Barberino workshop, which is like a second home, Antonella spends long hours creating her precious cushions, shopping bags and numerous other articles surrounded by the tranquillity of the Chianti countryside. She is constantly inspired by Florence, her native city, a source of beauty and culture with which all her handmade products are filled.

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