Luca Cava Festival


Irony, passion for history, traditions, and flavors: from the fusion of these elements, the Luca Cava Festival in San Gusmè, in the municipality of Castelnuovo Berardenga, was born.

According to the legend from which the festival takes its name, in 1888 Giovanni Bonechi, a local farmer, placed in his own garden a stone statue he carved himself, named Luca Cava, to encourage passersby to relieve themselves in his land. In the 1940s, some residents of the hamlet, tired of being ridiculed for the statue, decided to get rid of it.

Later, the story of Luca Cava was discovered by journalist Silvio Gigli, who fell in love with its irony and proposed the creation of a new statue, now visible at the entrance of the village.

The festival dedicated to Luca Cava was born in 1972 on the initiative of the Pro Loco association, which has been promoting it every year in September since then.

The event takes place at the beginning of September, with a rich calendar of meetings, art, music, excursions in the area, and local flavors.

During the festival, the Palio delle Botti nel Chianti is also held.

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