Badia a Passignano,
a jewel between nature and spirituality

The ancient Vallombrosian monastery dating back to 1000 A.D. is a jewel of Tuscan history that shines in a unique natural area.


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few steps away from Barberino Tavarnelle you can find Badia a Passignano, an ancient Vallombrosian monastery dating back to 1000 A.D.. Surrounded by the rolling hills of Chianti, the abbey is embraced by romantic cypresses that give it a unique charm. Seen from far away it looks like a majestic castle with its fortified walls and corner towers, but when walking towards the monastery you will be able to breathe its real identity and spirituality.

"With the look of a castle, since 1000 A.D., it has been a place of peace and spirituality."

Inside the mighty crenellated walls, probably built during periods of war, in addition to a well-kept garden on the outside, you will find the church of San Michele Arcangelo and the monastery, where some Vallombrosian monks still live. A small cloister greets the visitors who can see the chapter rooms, the kitchen and the refectory, which holds the Last Supper by Ghirlandaio, an international pictorial masterpiece.

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The thousand years of art, history and spirituality merge perfectly with the surrounding environment: an explosion of life with over one hundred different species of animals, between mammals and birds, that give life to the surroundings in the Area Naturale Protetta (Nature reserve) of Badia a Passignano The first such reserve in Chianti, covering a total of 364 hectares, this enchanting green oasis highlights the many animal and plant species, immersing the visitor in a unique atmosphere, offering a stroll along pathways into history and through doorways to a natural world waiting to be discovered.

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