Between MonaLisa and Michelangiolo


Municipality Castellina in Chianti


Starting from the Via Romea at the springs of Saint Silvester, we follow the Via Maremmana and then cut towards S. Giorgio alla Piazza to discover the valley of the Borro di Ripolli towards the Pesa.

You arrive at La Piazza, passing the ancient church of Saint George, a crossroads between two transhumance routes. 

Points of interest:

In addition to the road itself, the Vecchia Maremmana, you start from the 'ancient' Gherardi estates (Mona Lisa) and then skirt the ancient properties of Michelangiolo Buonarroti between Casanova and Casavecchia.

Technical details:
  • Starting point: S. Silvestro
  • How to get there: By car
  • Arrival locality: La Piazza
  • Access: Vicinal road
  • Difficulty level: T - Tourist
  • Any critical points: no
  • Experience requirements: Minimum
  • Walking time: 1 hour
  • Length: 3.7 km
  • Total ascent: 58m
  • Total descent: 205m
  • Maximum height: 514m above sea level
  • Minimum height: 337m above sea level
  • Signposts: CAI signs
  • Best time to tackle the route: All year round
  • Equipment required: Hiking shoes
  • Operators offering accessory tourist services to the route: no

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