A natural landscape shaped by the work of man and devoted to sustainability. Let’s make an attempt to think about what is suggested by this word “Chianti”.


xcept for the eastern side, where the Chianti Mountains separate it from the Valdarno, this territory, with its proud yet deeply human character, has always made life difficult for every historian engaged in describing its geography, since it hardly bears clear definitions of its indeterminate borders. Borders that have been argued about, as always happens, over the centuries and that have been indissolubly linked to its wine that is produced in many vineyards of the municipalities in the Chianti Classico territory.
Let the words of Emanuele Repetti speak, as he wrote in the first half of the 18th century under the entry of Chianti:

“Chianti is a vast, mountainous, wooded and agricultural land, famous for its wines, for the highly salubrious climate, and even more well-known for its geographical position, that can be said to be in the centre of the Grand Duchy of Tuscany”.
Emanuele Repetti, Physical Historical and Geographical Dictionary of Tuscany.

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Let yourself be inspired by the legends, stories, and a thousand excellences of this land in the green heart of Tuscany.

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In the centre of the story between Florence and Siena, the countryside and the small towns of Chianti are rich with appeal and corners to discover.

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